On December 15, 2021, the 2021 (Eleventh) Software Conference with the theme of "Software Empowers and Stimulates the Digital Future" will be held in the cloud. As an annual event leading the development of China's software and information technology service industry, the conference has received extensive attention from all walks of life.

During the period, a number of industry annual awards were announced. Among them, by virtue of its leadership in big data technology and practice, Digital China Holdings Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: DC Holdings; stock code: 00861.HK) won the "2021 China Software and Information Service Industry·Big Data Outstanding Enterprise". According to the data, DC Holdings has won the "2021 Big Data Leading Enterprise" and other awards before this.

As a technology company dedicated to empowering the digital upgrade of cities and industries with big data fusion technology, unlike some market participants who regard user data as their core focus, DC Holdings has implemented digital solutions since its establishment 20 years ago As an important part of the company's long-term plan, these are considered essential core elements to realize the ideal of "digital China".

Starting from the technological achievements awarded by the State Council of the "First Prize of the National Technology Invention Award", DC Holdings is successively launching the "Smart Number" series of platform products covering Smart Number Twins, Smart Number Centers, and Smart Number Centers, building a global city The data base provides digital intelligence support for efficient urban services; and the "Huiye" series of solutions covering urban brains, smart parks, comprehensive foreign trade services, data accounts, economic operations, and grassroots public health, which continuously release the value of big data. Accurately empower citizens, governments and industry development.

Relevant persons stated that the "Huiye" solution of DC Holdings is an innovative solution for governments, parks and enterprises, based on independent innovation core technology, using the intelligent data platform as the base of the data supply chain, relying on strong ecological resources, and focusing on customer pain points and needs. With the release of the "Fourteenth Five-Year" Big Data Industry Development Plan, the application scenarios are broad and the market space is huge.

Up to now, DC Holdings has participated in the formulation of many national standards in the field of big data, and its products and solutions have served more than 300 cities and more than 500 million people. In the future, DC Holdings will continue to provide customers with a full range of data software product authorization, subscriptions and services for core scenarios such as digital native cities and digital native supply chains, and continue to empower through the construction of urban digital twin bases and real-time intelligent services. Urban smart development and industrial digital transformation.

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