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IT Logistics (ITL) implements the new logistics core strategy of "Supply Chain + Big Data + AIoT", based on a supply chain warehouse distribution network. ITL has over 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry and has been managing over 230 warehouses across China and Southeast Asia countries.


With the implementation of an integrated platform driven by Big Data and AI Technology – KingKooData, our customers are able to make right planning based on real-time feedback and trend prediction; combining with front desk operation interfaces, mid-tier financial solutions and back-end logistics services, which enable to support and achieve the goal of supply chain optimization.

ITL is helping more and more Chinese enterprises to go global by addressing the complex supply-chain problems of their products from Chinese factories to the participating countries and regions. In addition, we are ready to provide warehousing and e-commerce services to the dynamic Southeast Asia markets, trusted partners and local experts.

ITL Nationwide Infrastructure in China and Regional Network in ASEAN

More than 230 facilities located in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

8 Offices or Warehouses in Southeast Asia

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, KK

Philippines: Manila

Indonesia: Jakarta

Vietnam : Hanoi, Ho Chi Manh City 

Myanmar: Yangon, Mandalay

More Offices and Warehouses in Progress

Thailand: Bangkok

India: Bangalore

Pakistan : Karachi

Timely and efficient depth network coverage

  • Comprehensive capacity of transportation resources management and control 

  • Full deep coverage of 3,300 towns nationwide 

  • To provide customers with the best cost-effective delivery service

B2B / B2C Warehouse Service Capacity

Since 2010, ITL has been partnering with CaiNiao network as their core CP. It has been involved in every Double 11 major promotions, and is one of the few logistics providers that can simultaneously carry out B2C and B2B services 

ITL under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

for international customers to provide warehouse and e-commerce service


  • With the development of the Belt and Road Initiative policy, it is the trend for Chinese large enterprises to go out.

  • Domestic logistics of many large customers is not easy to win orders, but foreign logistics do not have good partners, it is a good way to access from overseas.

  • Many ITL’s customers are facing the logistics demand to support them expanding and reaching international markets.


  • Integrated Warehousing Services

  • Overseas E-Commerce 

AI and Big Data enable New Logistics Strategies via
Warehouse Transformation


During the ongoing pandemic outbreak, more online shoppers were buying more digitally in this period. A recent survey cited in the report revealed that the share of global retail sales generated via e-commerce is rising. As a result, ITL empowered by AIoT technologies including Human-Robot collaboration work model 3.0, Jieyun Bao (捷運寶), and KingKooData big data analysis system, it effectively enhanced various industries customers achieved significant improvement in operational efficiency and sales.