Supply Chain and Logistics

When “Technologies meet Scale”…

ITL invented a "vehicle-to-person" AI picking solution in creating China’s first 3D high-density robotic storehouse. "Dancing with Robot 3.0" is China’s first B2B+B2C mixed-function Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) picking solution, which makes use of a double-operational solution with high-density storage and goods delivery. 

In our three-dimensional, high-density robot intelligent warehousing service, we had more than 20 world-renowned brands experienced in front-operation services. In addition, it has reported the annual sales (GMV) of approximately US$30 billion on using the business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce and financial services.

With our warehousing network established in China and Southeast Asia, together with the footprint covered by our mother’s and sister’s companies – the DC Holding and Digital China Group, ITL can virtually serve all your supply chain and logistics needs no matter you are expanding into the vast Chinese market or going international from your home field.

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