Data Hub

Data Innovation

Our open-ended data innovation platform enables government and enterprises to design and provide standardized, secured and safe services.

Our clients need to utilize data and operate open databases whilst ensuring the safety and security of their data.

Our platform core offering surrounds data aggregation, data sourcing and data security. API link connectivity and enhanced encryption for information uploading/downloading are some of the tools that we deploy to address our client’s needs.

How our product works:

We recently developed various platform within our Smart City business.

  • Open-ended data platform construction:
    Supported the government in aiming to provide data services within public services and social welfare, amongst other government functions. Citizens could seamlessly connect and integrate data from different channels and sources, bringing continence and efficiency

  • Open-ended data platform deployment:
    Provided our client with smart application systems integrating different industries to allow government and enterprises to exchange and manage data and information related to production, operation and public effectively and seamlessly
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