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Data Fabric

Yan Cloud DaaS

Our Yan Cloud DaaS product focuses on the elements of openness, configurability, normalization, auditability and security

Yan Cloud Data-as-a-Service is our own proprietary innovative technology that has been awarded the highest technological recognition in China.


Yan Cloud DaaS is a software platform that supports data sharing, Interoperability, and Integration of isolated digital islands. It can intelligently rebuild the API of data operations, enables real-time data access and accurate integration without cooperation from original developers, source code, or database permission. 

Today, Yan Cloud DaaS provides integration for thousands of legacy systems. Many of them are mission-critical systems.

Our vision is to make our customers and partners more efficient and effective in delivering their business outcomes. The system provides a mature and stable system integrating multiple types of applications and databases. The system is highly scalable, secure, and resilient.  This reduces the massive API development costs and the complexities of maintenance.

Thousands of systems are using Yan Cloud DaaS today. A typical example is consolidating and aggregating data from multiple business systems, applications, and data sources to establish cross-system integration.

The solution can leverage on-premises setup or using the power of the cloud. Yan Cloud DaaS allows a multi-tenant platform that provides all the benefits of flexibility, agility, scalability, high availability.

Technical Overview

API development uses the Yan Cloud DaaS’s innovative generation platform and operates the operation processes of the source application system platform. The development platform calculates the reflection and analyzes the front-end data interaction mode of the source application, independently analyzes the elements that need to be operated, and then rebuilds the interaction model. The developers adjust the names and format of the API field.

Data Collection and Sharing

Light web collection

Exchange sharing

Deep web collection

Data piping

Interconnection and Interworking of Multisource and Isolated Systems

Internet+ government affair service

Business information system integration

Mircro-services Architecture Support

Intelligent city

People benefit projects

Business ApplicationMobility

Business system mobility

Business system micro application

Solution Highlights

Our Yan Cloud DaaS product focuses on the elements of openness, configurability, normalization, auditability and security.


Break Data Barrier

Provides data extraction API for A/S, B/S, and C/S systems, and further data service. 


Adaptation for Data Requirements

Provides user-defined configuration for data format, concurrency, cache, storage, etc.


Establish Data Standard 

Ignore the difference of data formats from different systems and build a standard data format and standard.


Monitor Data Quality

Provides monitor and audit for lifecycles of data API, service quality, user behavior, etc.


Maintain Data Security

Provides user authentication, channel separation, content encryption, access protection, data blockchain. and other data security mechanisms. 

Yan Cloud DaaS System Structure

Yan Cloud DaaS composes of a building platform, executing platform, and management platform. 

  • Building platform, help API developers generate API efficiently.

  • Executing platform, provides an execution-supporting environment for generated API.

  • Management platform, automatically deploys extracted API from the source system, manages execution lifecycles of API, monitors running status of API service, and monitors the user access behavior.

Operation in Action

Yan Cloud DaaS platform uses original technology to
rebuild the source application system API and open the source application system's data.


1. Generate API.

As the step one, we need to prepare the environment. A/S system can provide the installation package of Mobile Client, B/S system is the Browser based system requires the URL to be accessed, the C/S is Client-Server system which can provide the installation package of windows client. 

The customer needs to provide a source application system and features and data requirements that need to be converted to API. The customer also provides a testing account of the system. This testing account is to be used by the API developers generating APIs.

The API developers use the Yan Cloud DaaS generation platform and operate the source application system via a manual process once. The development platform calculates the reflection and analyzes the source business's front-end data interaction mode, independently analyzing the elements that need to be operated and then rebuilding the interaction model. The developers adjust the names and format of the API field.

2. Deploy API.

Deploy it to the API execution platform that manages the platform integration by the independent and open management platform and then finish the deployment, self-examination, and start-up.

Deploy Yan Cloud DaaS system on-premise or over the cloud, and implement the API management system so that the caller applications can use the APIs. The system offers the option of 

1. use cluster deployment or use single-point deployment

2. share the server with other applications or deploy the server   


3. use a physical machine or use a virtual machine

4. deploy it in the private network or deploy it in the DMZ

2. Call API.

Call the newly generated API to execute data and function interaction with the source system.

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