Technology Zone

Smart Zone

By combining a variety of our proprietary technologies, our Smart Zone solution address both physical and virtual elements of technology zones, driving new and innovative development.

With technology zones becoming an increasingly popular tool to drive local innovation and economic growth, clients are looking at new ways to improve efficiencies and innovation capabilities in these zones.

Our Smart Zone solution allows zone managers to engage in all phases of planning, construction and management of the zone. Physical sensors and modules feed data back in real-time, allowing managers to draw insights to accelerate planning and decision-making.

Our solution is built on 8 business scenario applications + 4 Zone Brain applications, covering the entire Smart Zone from planning, constructing, managing to servicing.

One of our recent Smart Zone deployments looked at revamping an existing technology zone to drive better decision-making.


Present comprehensive zone information on enterprises, management, government/ enterprise services, environmental information and security information, etc.


  • Re-arrange zone resources to boost efficiency
  • Reduce duplication of work by various departments
  • Enabling timely information transmission, improving efficiency simplifying user experience.


Connect various fields and systems in the zone, making it a “system of systems” that supports decision-making, instant response capabilities and unified coordination.

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