Awards & Achievements

14/10/2021, the Tangshan project and Zhangzhou project under construction and operation won the IDC 2021 Asia Pacific Smart City Award and China Smart City Industry Award Excellence Award

15/10/2021, DC Holdings won GBA Corporate Sustainability Awards 2021 in two categories.

15/10/2021, DC Holdings won two Excellence Award for IDC's 2021 China Smart City Award category.

19/10/2021, DC Holdings won the 2021 Chinese Enterprise EGS Best Case Award.

16/9/2021, DC Holdings ranked 7th in the top 100 private enterprises in Beijing for technological innovation

16/9/2021, DC Holdings ranked 19th in the Private Enterprises in Beijing for Social Responsibility Top 100

16/9/2021, DC Holdings ranked 28th in the Private enterprises in Beijing Top 100

13/10/2021, DC Holdings ranked 10th in the 2021 AIoT Top 100

16/6/2021, DC Holdings was awarded the 2021 Big Data Leading Enterprise

24/6/2021, Kejie won two awards, "2021 Outstanding Technology Pioneer Award" and "2021 Outstanding Brand Reputation Award"

8/7/2021, Kejie won the 2021 Logistics Digital Pioneering Model Enterprise

29/7/2021, Kejie Group won the 2021, Digital Economy Influential Brand

19/4/2021, DC Holdings ranked second among the 50 featured e-government providers in 2020

5/2021, Kejie Zhiyun won the 2021 Excellent Case of Logistics Enterprise Informatization

5/6/2021, DC Holdings won the 2021 Carbon Neutral Smart City Outstanding Case-Best Solution Award

15/6/2021, DC Holdings ranks 5th in the 2021 TOP100 to promote China's digital transformation

18/01/2021, DCITS, a subsidiary of DC Holdings, ranked 50th in 2020 China Leading Fintech.

11/02/2021, DC Holdings ranked 7th in 2020 Innovative Applications of Information Technology Top 500.

12/03/2021, DC Holdings won the Enterprise of the Year 2020 - Big Data Software Services Industry.

15/4/2021, DC Holdings ranked third among the top 200 dynamic digital government solution providers in 2021

6/1/2021, the 5th Golden Hong Kong Stocks Best New Economy Company in 2020

18/12/2020, DC Holdings was elected to the 2020 Outstanding Enterprise in the Big Data Field of China's Software and Information Service Industry.

18/12/2020, DCITS, a subsidiary of DC Holdings, was listed on the China FinTech Top 50.

18/12/2020, DC Holdings won the 8th Hong Kong Stocks Best Investment Value Award.

27/12/2020, DC Holdings ranked 4th among China Internet of Things Enterprises Top 100.

03/11/2020, KingKooData Supply-Chain Big-Data Application Platform of ITL, was granted the 2020 Excellent Cases of Big Data, Cloud Services ...

12/11/2020, DC Holdings won the 2020 Leading Solution Provider for China's Smart City. Tangshan and Weihai won the 2020 China's Leading Smart City Award.

26/11/2020, DC Holdings was granted the 2020 Outstanding Enterprise in Smart City Pioneer List.

16/12/2020, DC Holdings was certified as 2020 New Infrastructure Leading Enterprise.

14/09/2020, DC Holdings assisted Sanming City, Zhangzhou City and Weihai City in election of 2020 Policy Guarantee, Resumption of Work & Production and ...

16/09/2020, DC Holdings won the 2020 Best Service Provider for Big Data Infrastructure.

13/10/2020, DCITS, a subsidiary of DC Holdings, ranked 39th among the 2020 IDC FinTech Rankings Top 100, ranking 1st in China’s...

15/10/2020, IT Logistics, a subsidiary of DC Holdings, was qualified as National 5A Level Logistics Enterprise.

15/7/2020, DC Holdings ranked first in the "2020 Digital Infrastructure TOP100"----Internet Weekly, Chinese Academy of Sciences

28/08/2020, DCITS, a subsidiary of DC Holdings, was listed on the IDC China Fintech Top 50.

28/08/2020, IT Logistics, a subsidiary of DC Holdings, was granted the 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Model Award and the 2020 Most Investment Value Award.

09/09/2020, Core Business Solution, Channel Management Solution, Open Banking Solution and Basic Business Solution of DCITS, a subsidiary of DC Holdings...

09/01/2020, DC Holdings won the 2019 Golden Hong Kong Stock-Best New Economy Stock Company Award.

11/03/2020, the Electronic Signing Cloud Platform product under ITL (a subsidiary of DC Holdings) won the 2019 Annual Logistics Product.

09/04/2020, DC Holdings ranked 6th among the 2019 Big Data Supplier Top 100.

28/06/2020, the Logistics Tracker product of ITL was awarded the 2020 Innovative Smart Logistics Solution.

09/01/2020, Beijing Internetware, a subsidiary of DC Holdings, was elected to the 2019-2020 Big Data Industry Innovation Top 100 in China.

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