Our clients often require technology enablement in their supply chain solutions. By drawing on our own in-house developed Kingkoo solution, we bring our clients the same efficiencies we have enjoyed for two decades

Supply chain and logistic services ask for operating efficiencies and cost reductions. In our view, technology enablement can help drive both aspects

Our Kingkoo solution was born out of our own internal need for operating efficiencies and cost reductions. Step by step, we developed a full suite of sub products to cover the entire product lifecycle, from procurement through to fulfilment. Leveraging on our big data capabilities, we help ourselves and our clients drastically reduce cost

The Kingkoo solution provides customers with integrated supply chain solutions by combining cloud computing, big data and other intelligent technologies. The system automates the inventory operation process, transportation, warehousing, distribution, packaging, loading and unloading. The system focuses on enhancing the capabilities of supply chain system analysis and decision-making process, to achieve the ultimate objectives of improving efficiency and reducing cost

We current support 10 million different operations daily, and are able to interconnect with all major ERP software

Our recent deployment cover both service providers, as well as brands themselves

Our client is a national 5A integrated logistics provider specialized in domestic line haul, cargo warehousing, logistics distribution, and logistics solution planning and design. Through the application of our Kingkoo solution, the Company centralized the management of more than 30 warehouses across the country, serving both B2B and B2C business

  • Multi-client system docking: Interface with more than 10 client systems, including SAP system, Qimen interface, etc.
  • B2C scenario support: Interface with the system of various express companies, providing effective analysis to the form of order and customized delivery process
  • B2B scenario support: Provides flexible configuration that adapt various business processes and inventory management

Our client is one of the global top 10 electrical appliance manufacturer covering everything from auto parts to household appliances. Their logistics needs involves a variety of complex situations and we current provide high-end system support for more than 40 warehouses across the country

  • VMI Mode: Support interface with client’s factory platform to achieve on-time stocking and distribution management
  • On-site Logistics: Provide push and pull raw material distribution, and online warehouse management
  • Finished Product Logistics: Management of the barcodes of various household appliances
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