Public Health

Recently, Public Health has been a key focus for many of our clients. Our Public Health solution addresses this critical city element from a variety of angles.

More now than ever, a robust public health system has been a “mission critical” element of any city governor.

We at DC Holdings understand how the different city elements should complement each other and our Public Health solution adheres to the highest standards set out by the Ministry of Health, covering areas such as prevention, health care, rehabilitation, health education, and family planning guidance. We also offer a community health platform integrating historical and new health data, serving as a database platform for cities to provide health management and health information services for its population.

The solution provides value to four major stakeholders:

  • Residents can obtain personalized, convenient and accessible, continuous basic public health services, health management services, and health intervention services
  • Doctors can access the health file information platform as a "resident-centered" data service hub, and can utilize public health services and tracking systems
  • Medical institutions management can utilize our health management grid to improve the quality of public health services, strengthen performance assessment, improve the supervision and management capabilities
  • Government can improve resource allocation and drive improvement of public health services

We have accelerated our deployment of this new solution, covering a variety of cities and districts.

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