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Data Security

Data Security has often been one of the focus areas of our clients, our Data Security product encompasses the full lifecycle of data, from acquisition, utilization through to disposal.

With cyber-attacks and espionage rising globally, data security has been of upmost importance within the data industry.

Based on our innovative leading technologies in data security, we offer data protection throughout the entire data life cycle. Core functions include data monitoring, threat prediction and protection mechanisms.

By putting data security as priority, we not only emphasize on data assortment and protect sensitive data and information throughout the entire life cycle, but also the process of data collection, data aggregation, safe usage, safe transfer, safe disclosure and safe disposal. We constantly stay abreast of the latest data security regulations and standards required by the government to ensure our products offer the highest level of security.

We serve some of the most sophisticated and sensitive industries including financial institutions and telecommunications providers.

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