International Trade

Our International Trade solution focuses on giving our clients the means to expand their business overseas, by providing a digital platform complete with tools to drive foreign trade.

As more of our clients look to expand outwards, physical means may not be the most cost efficient method of increasing reach in a short time period.

Our International Trade solution provides comprehensive foreign trading service channels for SMEs, provides online integration of upstream and downstream suppliers, and provides a robust base linking up the government with enterprises. Through combining an online platform with a professional operation team, it can drive local SMEs foreign trading, thereby increasing the overall vitality of the local businesses environment.

We count the following traits as the key highlights of our solution:

  • Robust data capabilities – leveraging on our proprietary technology Yan Cloud DaaS to link up separate systems and databases of a large number of SMEs, bringing them all on the government platform
  • Vast trading volume – DC Holdings’ wider network is estimated to serve approximately USD100bn in value annually
  • Deep operational expertise: DC Holdings’ supply chain business has over 20 years of foreign trading operation experience with warehouses both domestically and abroad

Successful case

The Jilin Province Foreign Trading Service Platform is a comprehensive foreign trading service platform led by the Department of Commerce of Jilin Province to support local SMEs. The platform focuses on providing related technology and operations support which includes foreign trading matching services, foreign trading operation services, foreign trading financial services. In addition to being the platform designer and builder, DC Holdings is also providing corresponding operational services after the platform launched.

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