Digital Twin

We enable our clients to connect the physical to the digital with our Digital Twin product.

In the new age of big data, our clients are increasingly looking for ways to predict and forecast outcomes in their physical business via virtual means. Our Digital Twin product does just that.

The Digital Twin product supports the construction of city digital twin, a digital replica of the physical city itself, via data spatialization, City Information Modeling (CIM) platform, and spatio-temporal analysis. City managers are able to simulate hypothetical scenarios applicable to a wide range of uses, including crisis management and resource allocation.

The product provides multi-source heterogeneous data fusion and spatial conversion capabilities, intelligent automated modeling capabilities, and cutting edge simulation ability, efficient spatial analysis and computing power, combined with a lightweight modeling operation engine.

We allow our clients a full range of choices on how to customize their twin, across six levels of detail.

Level 1

White film 3D
Whole city mapped at low cost 3D

Level 2

Color film 3D
Buildings marked in different colors

Level 3

Initial precision 3D
Similar in shape and with facade

Level 4

Medium precision 3D
Shape enhanced, color and material of the façade mimic reality

Level 5

High precision 3D
Windows of the facade are fully simulated to reality

Level 6

Super precision 3D
Precision down to floor tiles and single roads

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