Economic Operations

Economic output is one of the critical measurements for any city or institution. Our Economic Operations solution focuses on the different elements of investment activity to drive economic growth.

Every city invests resources to generate economic output but more often than not, it is challenging to measure accurately specific return on investment.

Through our algorithm models, we carry out big data analysis of investment situations, investment quality, investment returns, investment environment, investment activity and investment output to provide robust intelligence for policy control, urban planning and macro decision-making within a city.

By collecting and integrating both public and private investment data, we provide our clients with an all-rounded view on investment especially around quality and returns. With real-time feedback, we enable city managers to execute better investment decisions through the use of features such as cluster network analysis and dynamic heat mapping.

Our solution encompasses different layers in investment assessment.

Featured Advantages:

We have recently deployed our solution in Chongqing, deriving valuable insights for our client.

Chongqing Big Data Analysis Investment Application System:
We integrate core data from Chongqing with external data from the internet, and deploy our big data technology to evaluate and extract valuable insights, providing scientific and effective data support for our clients investment initiatives:

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