Aibion Trio

Contactless Multi-Biometric Access Control Solution

The ultimate security that suits all your needs

Aibion Trio is a biometric authentication security solution that can be applied to a wide range of situations, supporting 4 types of biometric authentication and the additional QR code and RFID function.

The mounted LCD guides users to register their biometric information and supports the authentication process easily. Also, unrivaled authentication speed and non-contact authentication provide a walk-through access control environment.

Aibion proudly presents a multi-biometric access control solution according to your needs.
Single-mode: Face + QR Code + RFID
Multi-mode: Face + Palm Vein + QR Code + RFID
*Optional: Iris and Fingerprint

Biometric recognition

User authenticated

Confirming identity

Fast and easy
biometric recognition
and enrollment!


  • Aibion Trio combines RGB and IR cameras for an accurate anti-spoofing facial recognition
  • High-speed authentication with image processing based on AI technology
  • Flexible connection between different brand systems through various interfaces


  • Varied spaces including office and residence
  • Supports both server authentication system for enterprise and stand-alone system
  • High compatibility via wired/wireless communication (BLE, Wifi, Ethernet, Wiegand, RS232, RS485) and various types of power supply (12V/24V DC, PoE+)


  • User-friendly with LCD display and intuitive UI
  • Walk-through technology with a recognition speed of 0.5 seconds
  • Supports various user environments: Night mode: Infrared recognition technology / smart lighting panel
  • Simple authentication process via mobile application


  • High-level of security and accuracy with multi-biometric recognition
  • Resistance to spoofing attempts: Printed or mobile images
  • Heightened database security with AES 256 data encryption
  • Enhanced information security through tamper switch
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