Recently, the first phase of the world's first cutting-edge technology (DGX H800) computing cluster project jointly created by DC Holdings and NVIDIA—the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("HKSAR") Government's Large Model Smart Computing Center project—was successfully delivered, with a total project value of nearly HKD 600 million. This has attracted attention globally and below is the full text reported by China Development Network, which is under the supervision of the National Development and Reform Commission:

Working with NVIDIA, DC Holdings Helps Hong Kong Build an International Smart Computing Center

Recently, DC Holdings (00861.HK) and NVIDIA's first phase of the HKSAR Government's Large Model Smart Computing Center project was successfully delivered, with a total amount of nearly HKD 600 million. This project is also the world's first computing cluster project to receive NVIDIA's cutting-edge technology (DGX H800), which is of great significance for enhancing Hong Kong's artificial intelligence computing power, accelerating the construction of an artificial intelligence supercomputing center, and aiding the development of the artificial intelligence industry. This cooperation is also an important milestone for DC Holdings in implementing its smart computing center strategy, and DC Holdings will further leverage its resource advantages to accelerate the connection with domestic and overseas universities and government and enterprise resources to help more partners achieve intelligent upgrades.

It is reported that DC Holdings has maintained a long-term and in-depth cooperative relationship with NVIDIA. Relying on its own big data and artificial intelligence technology capabilities, DC Holdings can better achieve resource integration and technology integration in cooperation with NVIDIA, especially having a first-mover advantage in the construction and operation of smart computing centers, with multiple smart computing center projects being promoted domestically and internationally. With DC Holdings' overall solution, users can obtain global and systematic service assurance. DC Holdings can effectively integrate computing power, algorithms, and data capabilities to meet users' needs to accelerate the transformation of data assets and promote data intelligence industry innovation.

Hong Kong gathers the world's top university scientific and technological research resources and a vast amount of data trading resources, holding a unique advantage in international data trading and artificial intelligence research and development. The HKSAR Government announced in the 2023-24 budget that it will allocate HKD 3 billion to strengthen basic research in frontier fields such as artificial intelligence and plans to accelerate the phased construction of an artificial intelligence supercomputing center, aiding the development of the artificial intelligence industry. As a listed company in Hong Kong stocks, DC Holdings has a clear advantage in deeply cultivating the Hong Kong market, has participated in the technical research and development projects of several departments of the HKSAR Government, and has become an important partner for the development of big data for the HKSAR Government. In this project of the HKSAR Government and well-known universities' large model smart computing center, DC Holdings has fully utilized its own advantageous resources and technical capabilities to provide strong support for Hong Kong to successfully implement the world's leading big data and large model architecture, solving the problem of insufficient computing resources in Hong Kong.

Currently, artificial intelligence technology is rapidly iterating, and the market's demand for artificial intelligence computing resources and technical resources is very strong. Affected by this, NVIDIA's market value has approached USD2 trillion. Not long ago, at the AI promotion meeting held by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), the strategic goal of "AI Empowerment, Industrial Renewal" was clearly proposed, setting higher requirements for the development of the domestic artificial intelligence industry. DC Holdings has been deeply involved in the big data and artificial intelligence industry for many years, accumulating rich industry ecosystem resources and holding a very important position in the industry chain. In the future, the company will further leverage its advantages and capabilities, spanning both domestic and overseas markets, integrating resources, and enhancing technological innovation capabilities to play a greater role in promoting industrial development.

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