A few days ago, Economic View, a well-known financial media sponsored by China News Service, held the 100 Famous Enterprises Foresight 2023 event, and conducted exclusive interviews and reports on many well-known domestic listed companies. In an interview, Maria Kwok, Chief Operating Officer of Digital China Holdings, gave an in-depth interpretation of the development trend of the digital economy era and how enterprises can quickly realize digital transformation. The following is the full text of the report:

Economic View, January 11th. The era of digital economy is full of infinite possibilities, as well as unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Whether it is at the level of cognition, technology or scene application, innovative breakthroughs based on data are required. Maria Kwok, Chief Operating Officer of Digital China Holdings, said in an interview with Economic View that this kind of innovation is inseparable from the application of big data technology. Big data is the key to new cognition and new breakthroughs. Through data collection, aggregation, integration, analysis, Simulation, calculation and application, big data technology will open the door to a new cognitive world.

Maria Kwok, Chief Operating Officer of Digital China Holdings

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stated that it is necessary to accelerate the development of the digital economy, promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and create an internationally competitive digital industry cluster. The recently released "Opinions on Building a Data Basic System to Better Play the Role of Data Elements" clearly states that data, as a new type of production factor, is the foundation of digitization, networking, and intelligence, and has been rapidly integrated into production, distribution, circulation, consumption, and social services. Management and other links have profoundly changed the mode of production, lifestyle and social governance. It can be seen that the digital economy with digital industrialization and industrial digitization as the main content will become the main trend of future economic development.

In the philosophy of Digital China Holdings, digitalization is to continuously infiltrate digital technology into every link of the business process and even the industrial chain of the enterprise, realize the mapping and interaction between the physical world and the digital world, and integrate "data + algorithm" into the whole life of organization and management cycle, forming a closed loop to help organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness, thereby realizing the restructuring of corporate competitiveness.

According to Maria Kwok, after years of practice, Digital China Holdings has formed a set of "smart numbers" series products covering the entire life cycle of data. One-to-one correspondence and collaborative interaction of the digital world form a digital simulation system for intelligent operation, making it run in parallel with the physical world, and realize the interaction and integration of the two worlds through continuous integration, update and iteration of technology, data, and business. Thereby accelerating the efficient development of the real economy.

Maria Kwok believes that driven by such technology, future development will present three important trends:

First, traditional enterprises accelerate digital transformation.
The application of big data technology can open up the data flow between different systems through the way of data service. Without changing the original system, redefine the business form, connect, manage, and distribute business flows and data flows between different systems, and generate APIs through configuration and online code editing to support rapid deployment and application. Such standardized, low-code big data products will further reduce the cost of digital transformation of enterprises and accelerate the pace of digital transformation of traditional enterprises. Shenzhou Holdings has carried out a lot of practice in this regard. In the process of helping Changchun to resume work and production, it only took 4 hours to complete the development and deployment of the demand interface, which greatly improved work efficiency.

Second, the digital empowerment scenarios are more abundant.
In the era of digital economy, the application of digitization enables human beings to look at the development of things from a new dimension of cyberspace, and then redefine the scene from the perspective of the overall system. From government to enterprises, from IT to new energy, from manufacturing to service industry, each industry has different attributes and characteristics. The application of digital technology will enable a variety of business forms with different attributes to be reproduced in the digital space, thereby generating more new insights and improving the overall work efficiency of the industry. At the same time, it is easier for different formats to interact and influence each other, thereby accelerating this process. In recent years, Digital China Holdings has implemented a number of solutions in the fields of smart city, financial technology and supply chain.

Third, new formats and business models will emerge.
While digitalization optimizes and improves existing industrial forms and business models, it may give rise to more new business forms and new business models. By opening up the data interaction between different systems and establishing the space-time interaction between people and people and between people and things, in various types of associated interactions, the data value of each node can be stimulated, so as to cognitively discover more new Laws and knowledge, such results will inevitably trigger innovation at the digital native level, including the promotion and development of artificial intelligence, which will fundamentally subvert the original business model and form a new business form.

In recent years, whether in a core area like Beijing or an old revolutionary base like Longyan, Fujian, China Holdings has carried out a large number of digital transformation practices, allowing more governments and enterprises to plug in the wings of the digital economy. In the future, Shenzhou Holdings will continue to follow the development path of empowering thousands of industries with standardized big data products, and empower more ecological partners.

Maria Kwok said that Digital China Holdings has always taken "Digital China" as its mission, and is committed to becoming a digital explorer, practitioner, and enabler, and promoting the digital transformation of the whole society. Recently, the state has issued a series of policies and opinions to promote the development of the digital economy, further enhancing the confidence of enterprises. Digital China Holdings will further increase investment in technology research and development, strive to achieve breakthroughs in the research and development of core basic key common technologies, and help more partners quickly and smoothly realize digital transformation.

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