On December 18, the 2021 (Nineteenth) China Internet Economic Forum hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Internet Weekly" and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Information Research Center was held in Beijing. During the period, the high-profile 2021 Golden i Award was announced, and Digital China Holdings Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: DC Holdings; stock code: 00861.HK) won the "2021 Digital Twin Leading Enterprise".

The jury stated that digital twin cities are currently the mainstream model choice for local governments to promote the construction of new smart cities, making the planning, construction, operation and management of cities truly based on the support of data and science. In response to the needs of digital transformation in all walks of life, DC Holdings continues to use independent innovative core technologies to empower urban smart development and industrial digital transformation. Reconstructing the oldest industry with technology, DC Holdings has taken the lead.

At present, while the "meta universe" is exploding, the "digital twin" has also become the focus of competition from all walks of life. The "Outline" of the "14th Five-Year Plan" released this year clearly states: perfecting the city information model (CIM) platform and operation management service platform, building a city data resource system, promoting the construction of urban data brains, and exploring the construction of digital twin cities. The release of the "Outline" once again pushed the construction of digital twin cities to unprecedented heights.

As a high-tech enterprise that empowers core scenarios with independent innovation of big data fusion technology, DC Holdings has already established a layout in terms of digital twins. The intelligent digital twin products that include a data spatialization platform, a CIM platform, and a spatio-temporal analysis platform are built as the basic support for the construction of a digital twin city. It can provide multi-source heterogeneous data integration and spatial conversion capabilities, intelligent automated modeling capabilities, Powerful simulation capabilities, efficient space analysis and calculation capabilities, and lightweight model operation engine.

Prior to this, DC Holdings had won the bid for the "Jingyue City Information Model—Basic Software Platform" digital twin project in Jingyue High-tech Zone, Jilin Province. This platform is a core component of the construction of the Jingyue District city information model and is also the construction of the Jingyue District digital twin. Important number base. The winning of the bid demonstrates the market's full recognition of DC Holdings' digital twin technology.

It is reported that DC Holdings will continue to help the government improve data quality in the field of government big data through independent research and development of data software, continuously improve global data governance capabilities, improve data security governance, help the government realize data sharing and openness, and provide the society with data circulation value. At the same time, actively explore in the field of spatio-temporal big data and CIM, combined with the experience gained in non-spatial government data governance, provide a smart base and upper-level applications for the city's global digitalization, provide intelligent basic services, and finally reconstruct the city's planning, construction, and management And governance models.

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