Recently a letter was released from the General Office of the State Council regarding the establishment of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference for the development of a digital economy. The establishment of this inter-ministerial joint meeting protocol is a further extension of the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Digital Economy".

In this regard, DC Holdings, a leading big data technology enterprise, has said that this protocol will further accelerate the development of the digital economy, study and coordinate major issues in the field of the digital economy, and guide the implementation of major tasks for such development. Since 2010, DC Holdings has been ingrained in the construction of the domestic digital economy and has empowered city managers via its role as "City CTO", whereby DC Holdings seeks to leverage its best-in-class big data technology to develop better solutions for the development of the digital economy.

Historically, isolated data silos and systems have been obstructing the development of the digital economy. DC Holdings has participated in the formation of over 100 different national and industry standards across areas such as big data, smart city and fintech. By deploying their proprietary "Yan Cloud Data As a Service”technology, such isolated data silos and systems can be seamlessly integrated without affecting the existing legacy structures. This allows all the relevant data to be consolidated, sanitized and re-formatted which in turn, allows for further data analytics.

In addition, the development of the digital economy must be implemented via specific projects, promoting the deployment of such major projects will further accelerate the growth of the overall digital economy. In this regard, DC Holdings has also accumulated a wide range of applicable scenarios. The City Information Model (CIM) platform is a prime example of this, and as an example, has already been deployed in the Jingyue District in Changchun Province. The CIM establishes a digital replica (twin) of the city, and by triangulating a wide range of data sources, can better serve the planning, construction, management and servicing of the city.

The scale of China's digital economy is expected to reach 45.5 trillion yuan in 2022, a nominal increase of 16.2% year-on-year, accounting for 39.8% of GDP and it is further expected that upstream and downstream enterprises in related sectors such as DC Holdings will benefit from such growth.

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