ITL, a subsidiary of DC Holdings (00861.HK), recently won various bids for a number of BYD supply chain service orders. Orders include: auto parts, renewable energy parts, energy storage equipment and other production materials and equipment. Winning bids during this year have exceeded 400 million RMB in contract value. It is further noted that ITL has undertaken BYD's entire aftermarket spare parts logistics business. ITL has deep expertise accumulated over two decades in terms of system and operation capabilities and in recent years, with the rapid development of the renewable energy industry, cooperation between the two parties has also grown rapidly, from the initial tens of millions to the current scale of hundreds of millions.

As the country's first self-owned car brand that ranks among the trillion-dollar market value club, BYD has become the global new energy vehicle sales champion in the first half of 2022. As a leading company in the new energy industry, BYD’s selection of ITL is a reflection of ITL’s long-term persistence and dedication to the technology logistics strategy. As a tech-enabled logistics operator with the "National 5A-level Logistics Enterprise" certification, ITL has become one of the most sophisticated logistics enterprises in the PRC. The company's self-developed KingKooData supply chain big data management software, electronic payment software Jieyun Express, in-transit tracking equipment Jieyun Bao, and intelligent warehousing solutions are all best-in-class solutions in its industry.

The wider fifteen-year cooperation with BYD has also allowed ITL to have a deeper understanding of its clients various business needs. The service experience accumulated by BYD's various production divisions from transporting products to the final assembly line enables ITL to quickly expand its service fields and to operate new businesses such as new energy and energy storage.

In addition, with more than 20 years of service experience in the supply chain field, ITL has the right set of industry qualifications and can meet the comprehensive needs of its customers. Analysts believe that the related business of DC Holdings is expected to benefit from the rapid development of BYD. The successful experience of serving BYD, a leading customer in the new energy field, will help DC Holdings to gain exposure to new customers in the renewable energy space. It is predicted that ITL’s business will see considerable growth with the help of the rapid development of the renewable energy industry.

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