On April 30th, Jilin Provincial Party Committee Secretary Jing Junhai, Deputy Secretary and Governor Hu Yuting led a Jilin Party and Government delegation to Shaanxi for study and inspection. During their visit, they came to the Digital China Xi'an Science and Technology Park located in Xi'an High-tech Zone for guidance. Zhao Yide, the Party Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee, accompanied the visit. Maria Kwok, the Chief Operating Officer of DC Holdings, made a special report on the company's development history from Xi'an to Changchun, with mainstream news media have reported on this event.

Leaders from both provinces listened carefully to the relevant introductions in front of the exhibition and praised DC Holdings for actively serving local economic development, creating industry-leading core technologies, and maintaining healthy and rapid development.

Chief Operating Officer Maria Kwok introduced the development of DC Holdings in Xi'an and Changchun to the leaders of the two provinces. She stated that in cooperation with the Xi'an High-tech Zone Government, we served the development of the high-tech zone with the concept of "City CTO". In a short time, we introduced a group of multinational technology companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Ericsson, and Emerson to settle in the park. In Changchun, Jilin, DC Holdings not only continued to play the leading role in the industrial chain ecosystem and also relocated its entity which won the first prize of the National Technology Invention Award, into Changchun. With its leading independent innovation technology, it empowers Jilin to create a range of digital technological innovation and upgrades the "New District CTO" to the "City CTO" model, contributing to the construction of "Digital Jilin".

This visit and inspection activity is an important part of the Jilin Party and Government delegation's study and inspection in Shaanxi Province. As a representative enterprise with significant layout in both Shaanxi and Jilin, DC Holdings also plays a role as a bridge for resource integration between the two provinces. In the future, DC Holdings will continue to promote the "City CTO" model in the two provinces, fully practice the mission of Digital China.

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